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„ Cinnamon”- Challenge oder pass away “” Vong”- Sprache: Wir erklären Internet-Trends

Was ist eigentlich Plandid und was actually bedeutet “” vong”? Hier findet ihr pass away neuesten, absurdesten und witzigsten Internet-Trends. Wir klären Fragen aus allen Lebensbereichen: Wie macht male ein animiertes Gif? Wer sind eigentlich diese Hipster? Und wie … WeiterlesenWer sind jetzt diese Geeks?

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Im Gegensatz zum uncoolen und eigenbrötlerischen Nerd, ist der Geek eine loved one neutrale Bezeichnung für Leute, pass away Spezialisten in einem bestimmten Bereich sind (movie geek, techie, baseball geek), wird aber häufig mit Tech-affinen Menschen in Verbindung gebracht, perish sich für neue Gadgets, Videospiele, Internet und Lifestyle-Zeug interessieren.

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Geek heißt auf deutsch Computerfreak, Streber, Stubengelehrter, Fachidiot. Auch nicht gerade das, womit guy sich schmücken will!

„ Cinnamon”- Challenge oder perish “” Vong”- Sprache: Wir erklären Internet-Trends

Als Geeks werden häufig Menschen bezeichnet, pass away in kreativen Bereichen arbeiten, sich für Popkultur (Filme, Musik, TV-Serien, Internet, Videospiele) interessieren, denen aber im Gegensatz zum Nerd kein Streber-Image anhaftet. Stattdessen gelten sie als coole Zeitgenossen, hippe Early Adopter, pass away pass away guten Tech-Gadgets schon vor allen anderen haben.

Sie interessieren sich für Trends, tragen angesagte Klamotten und besonders gern T-Shirts mit kreativen Grafik-Prints oder ironischen Messages von Threadless.

Geeks gelten oft als Angeber, perish therefore viele pseudo-ironische Popkultur-Referenzen in eine Unterhalten einfallen lassen, wie nur möglich. Eine Umfrage von Masters In IT ergab, das Amerikaner lieber “Geek” als “Nerd” oder “Hipster” genannt würden.

Gaming, Webdesign (auf dem Mac), Hacken, Star Wars, TV-Serien, Bloggen

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„ Cinnamon”- Challenge oder pass away “” Vong”- Sprache: Wir erklären Internet-Trends

Add geek to some of your listed here, or even make a brand-new one.

geek|United States Dictionary

There was actually an issue delivering your document.

geek|Company English

There was actually a concern delivering your record.

Examples of geek

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Translations of geek

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You may additionally discover associated phrases, words, and also words in the subject matters:

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Extra significances of geek.

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Outlooks and also foresights (The foreign language of prophecies)

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Geek as well as geek. Each terms contact an identical fashion: The unpleasant little one that is actually efficient at arithmetic and also scientific research in institution, that likes Star Trek as well as personal computers, that is actually obtained thick glasses, bunches of zits … however no good friends.


But, these 2 terms possess a whole lot a lot more alike than you may believe, coming from their authentic definitions to the technique they’ve transformed with time.

Words surrounding geek

Geek gets back to the 1870s, actually teasing “a senseless or even insignificant individual” as well as perhaps originating from a Germanic origin definition “to croak.” In the very early 1900s, a geek was actually a festival artist that terrified viewers along with creepy points like attacking off the scalps of real-time pets. That is actually a very long way coming from The Big Bang Theory.

substantive vernacular

The phrase geek gets back to the 1950s, additionally actually ridiculing “an absurd or even pointless” individual. It is actually probably a variety of freak, as in “a nut case.” A geek was actually additionally the title of a bizarre-looking critter in a 1950 Dr. Seuss publication, If I Ran the Zoo. Perhaps there was actually one thing in those eco-friendly eggs as well as pork?


Come the 1950s, geek as well as geek were actually vernacular for somebody wise yet indifferent and also consumed along with some leisure activity or even activity. When the 1980s spun all around, this suggested “pcs,” which were actually very technological at the moment.

historic use of geek

But, due to the 2000s, geek as well as geek were actually viewing much more attraction, should our team mention. For the main thing, we all performed pcs continuously and also seeing the most up to date Avengers flick. For yet another, our team were actually boasting our own selves on our pet dog enthusiasms. Our team were actually refusing the concept that being actually definitely right into one thing implies you are actually a geek or even geek.

Examples coming from the Web for geek

That is actually why our company phone our own selves draft beer geeks if our company enjoy seeking down the most effective produced IPA or even volleyball nerds if we understand all the statistics in the video game- traits additional stereotypically connected with sportspersons many thanks geeks, right?


Now, do not only go referring to as any individual a perpendicular geek or even geek to tease all of them. That is actually still loathsome. However phoning on your own one? That is actually awesome. Count on our team. Our company’re expression geeks, besides.

British Dictionary interpretations for geek

These pair of phrases possess a whole lot a lot more alike than you may assume, coming from their initial significances to the technique they’ve transformed with time.

Derived types of geek

Every geek in the Free Culture activity possessed the tip for Kickstarter years prior to Kickstarter really existed.

Word Origin for geek

And Nanjiani, the side-burned as well as sophisticated 36-year-old, is actually a geek image.

Eventually, Cardonna determined to release Geek Therapy, a web site regarding exactly how geek lifestyle is actually “conserving the globe.”

With his minor framework and also stylish Jew-fro, Seth was actually the anti-heartthrob that introduced an all over the country pattern of “geek fashionable.”

I assumed it was actually a little mundane and also a little bit slow-moving, as well as I think I believed he was actually a little bit of a geek for liking it.

When a geek royal prince hired as a worker for a year on Niflheim, he did this for just one reason- to find out Terran modern technologies.

In either scenario, it’ll be actually a lengthy action towards removing all these geek despots.

Tell him there is actually a geek crowd, or even perhaps Firkked’s regulars, on the major road coming from Skilk, pair of kilometers east of the Reservation.

“I heard what took place, exactly how they discovered him, as well as concerning that geek chamber-valet being actually detained,” von Schlichten claimed.

It was actually a geek tone, as well as it produced you seem like a smart-ass rather than a pointy driver.

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